September 6, 2014
Bit blurry, but you get the idea. This is why there’s so many twitters, that were set up *just before* gamergate, tweeting in support or sympathy for gamergate. 

They’re not innocent bystanders, they’re racist trolls and agitators jumping ship.

Bit blurry, but you get the idea. This is why there’s so many twitters, that were set up *just before* gamergate, tweeting in support or sympathy for gamergate.

They’re not innocent bystanders, they’re racist trolls and agitators jumping ship.

June 13, 2014

The “journalist”, James Delingpole, is a lying White supremacist.

So, the borderline psychotic race-hate organisation, Breitbart Media, paid Facebook to thrust this pile of bollocks in my face.

Naturally, I reported it to the attributed author, as it’s such a pile of badly-written, ill-informed, hypocritical, doublethinking, ill-conceived drivel that attributing it to a person is basically libel.

Given that he advocates UKIP, I shouldn’t be too surprised that he did actually write it. Normally, Press Complaints Commission fodder like this is anonymously attributed to ‘Daily Mail Reporter’. But no, and it’s perhaps no surprise that this egregious pile of lies isn’t being published by a proper newspaper. (I wonder if he submitted it to anyone respectable, or just she straight to the zoo?)

But anyway, here’s a breakdown of why everyone who nods in agreement with this bollocks is extremely ill-informed and/or racist.

He’s appropriating rape victims to push a xenophobic agenda, as if Western rape culture isn’t a thing. He’s asserting Western equality under the law, as if the rich don’t have a law unto themselves and premeditated organised terrorism that only targets people who aren’t White cishet men isn’t routinely downgraded to hate crime (if you’re lucky). He’s attributing the US Constitution to White European Christians, as if the Iroquois Confederacy had no influence on that article. He’s talking about Judaeo-Christian morality, which is right-wing code for non-Islamic Abrahmic Monotheists cherry-picking the bits of scripture that agree with their own preset morality and dismissing all of the rest as cultural tropes that God’s probably changed His mind about.

He’s talking about the Enlightenment, which was kick-started by an influx of Malian and American gold and silver (the former from the Hajj of Mansu Musa, the latter from fraud, theft, loot and pillage), and yet rejecting the objective cultural analysis that arose from it. He’s talking about Universal Suffrage, as if women and Blacks and LGBT people didn’t have to fight tooth and claw for votes and civil rights. He’s talking about loving thy neighbour, whilst clearly inciting xenophobia. He’s talking about free markets, as if we’re not in the middle of a giant capitalist crisis. For some reason, he’s not mentioning The Human Centipede, or Meet The Spartans, or Hobo With A Shotgun.

He’s erasing the Masjid al Haram, the Shah Mosque, the Red Fort, the Great Mosque of Samarra, and 600 years of Islamic craft in carpet making, pottery, metallurgy, calligraphy, painting, jewellery, music, geometric art and mosaic.

He’s ignoring Bete Giyorgis and Faisil Ghebbi. He’s sneering at any architecture built with local materials that happen not to be able to survive in a photogenic state over five centuries of weather, invasion by cannon-age Empires, or Leopold II (who was even more genocidal than the Nazis he chooses to airbrush from his European history, despite them existing to this day and seemingly infesting the party he chooses to advocate). He lacks the courtesy to name-check Sankore or the Great Mosque of Djenne, but places them in the same cultural category as Zimbabwe, a mostly Christian country. Is he even aware of the distinct Islamic and Christian cultures of Africa? Or do they all look the same to him?

Since he’s throwing Islamic and Christian African cultures into one big grab-bag of stuff to dismiss, where’s Ngomwe Kongwe and the Mosque of Uqba? His classification of cultures zig-zags all over the place. When Malian Muslims build things, they’re Culture C. But when they’re extremists and defiling cultural heritage sites (like the US occupation did to Nebuchadnezzar’s Palace - of course it’s not ‘extremism’ when White people do it), they’re Culture B. When James sees a Black person with a Koran, does he wait to see if they’re an architect or a vandal before deciding which of the ‘not as good as White people’ categories applies to them?

He’s bemoaning the situation about property rights in Africa, as if the (actually quite good) notion of state property wasn’t conceived by White European scholars of Judaeo-Christian heritage. And turned into the nightmare of totalitarianism by White European bureaucrats of Judaeo-Christian heritage. In conditions created by White European politicians & capitalists of Judaeo-Christian heritage deciding that the best way to recover from the aftermath of the advent of industrial warfare by White European politicians & capitalists of Judaeo-Christian heritage and the Spanish Flu was to invade Russia in a disastrous attempt replace the then-democratic Soviets with a proto-fascist military government lacking any policies other than restarting the pogroms and declaring war on Germany.

He’s completely ignoring the musical achievements of people of African heritage whose ancestors were forcibly relocated - for over a century after his lah-di-dah Enlightenment - by genocidal White European Christian slave traders. And we know already how how they had to fight tooth and claw for the on-paper equality he appropriates. But then, something tells me this vile racist is not interested in Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Grandmaster Flash or Public Enemy. He probably doesn’t even need to listen to them to make judgements about them, just as he proudly states that he’s never heard any of the poetry he knows is rubbish compared to Shakespeare.

He’s not bothering to look at Indigenous American art and culture, probably because if you think about Chichen Itza and Huei Teocalli and Machu Picchu you have to reflect on how White European Christians turned the New World into a charnel house of genocide, exterminating 95% of the people there - who had achieved magnificent feats of architecture and culture, without iron or horses and over a thousand years’ penalty on settled agriculture.

Nor is he acknowledging the Dharmic and Confucian cultural traditions. Come one, James, let’s see Osaka Castle, the Porcelain Tower, Angkor Wat, Hokkusai, Tezuka, Nakazawa! Oh, wait - that last one’s a Hiroshima survivor, isn’t he? We don’t want to bring history’s one and only (repeated) use of nuclear weapons on cities full of civilians (after Truman was advised it wasn’t necessary to force the Japanese Imperial government to surrender but would sure as hell let Stalin know who’s the biggest bastard by far when it comes to casual extermination) into this dishonest, racist, ‘civilisation versus barbarians’ narrative, do we?

In fact, China and the First Nations of the Americas are only fleetingly mentioned in a paragraph where he displays a complete ignorance of what cultural relativism means. The drama series, Deadwood, sums it up in terms that even Delingbole should be able to understand, as Charlie Utter explains to Seth Bullock that burial is not appropriate for a Dakota corpse: “You ain’t doing him no favour. I mean his way to heaven’s above ground and looking’ west.” That’s what cultural relativism is about. It doesn’t entail teachers telling students that literally every culture in the world is better than theirs. That is a stupid caricature only a stupid person would cite. And you can bet that if you ask him about Churchill’s idea to gas-bomb rebellious Kurds, that will be entirely understandable in the historical cultural context. It’s not that cultural relativism is wrong to the likes of Delingbole; it’s that as a means of understanding disturbing mores, he sees it as being for Whites Only.

It would be an actionable claim to publicly state in writing that James Delingpole is a lying White supremacist taking Tipp-Ex to the history books to censor almost everything achieved by people of colour so that he can brainwash uneducated people into voting UKIP. James Delingpole is a lying White supremacist taking Tipp-Ex to the history books to censor almost everything achieved by people of colour so that he can brainwash uneducated people into voting UKIP. He is attributing every bit of chaos in Africa and Asia to Islam, cannot be bothered to distinguish between the cultures he vilifies, and erases absolutely everything White European Christians did to fan the flames of extremism and sectarianism - be it by the example set by genocidal colonial governors, the context established by clumsy geographic partitions, or the money the CIA gifted the Mujahideen to suicide-bomb Afghan women back into the kitchen.

He is not only a stupid, evil racist, he is a dangerous man to whom responsible news editors should afford no more legitimacy than they do to any other sectarian shit-stirrer. He is not the antithesis of extremists (which he puts in apostrophes, presumably to allude to a stupid and wrong belief that all Muslims are the same to go with his ‘all Africans are the same’ slip of the pen) or the Shaka-era African warlords who centralised cultures into nation-states (in exactly the same way England and France and Germany and the rest became countries rather than scattered kingdoms); he is their mirror image.

His level of integrity is on a par with the Daily Mail article that compared a locally reared steak with an ear of corn flown halfway around the world and concluded that vegans harm the environment more than omnivores. No wonder even the Telegraph didn’t publish this, and he has to sink to sending his brainfarts to morons like Breitbart.

Fucking hell, I hope they didn’t give him any money for this. If they gave him a penny, that right there is proof that free markets don’t allocate resources rationally.

Edit: lol, this: “why is this freak being given airtime to spout such unutterable drivel so violently at odds with what I imagine the vast majority of people in Britain - and the West generally - actually believe?”

By ‘this freak’, he meant a Muslim woman expressing concern about the possibility that kids whose heritage is not exclusively British might be told that their culture isn’t as good as, say, the culture that dropped bombs on their home city and was then forced by international law to offer them refuge after their families were targeted by militants for having a public sector job.

By ‘I imagine’, what he means is ‘make up in my head’. 

April 18, 2014

This website’s security protocol is fucking shit.

It won’t allow my desktop browser to store my password. That is fucking stupid. I’m using high security passwords that can’t be easily remembered. That’s like the most inconvenient security ever.

BUT, having changed my password, my Tumblr mobile app is still authorised to access my account. That’s like the worst security ever.

We’re combining the worst elements of paranoid ultra security with the loopholes and vulnerabilities of Windows 98.

No fucking wonder it gets targeted by those fucking trojan posts.

February 21, 2014

"Hitler was a Marxist!!!1!!1!!1"

No he fucking wasn’t.


First up, cherry-picking Marx for tactical ideas to incorporate into a goal of overthrowing the status quo does not constitutes Marxism. That’s like calling Gandhi a Christian for acknowledging the example Jesus of Nazareth set as a pacifist.

What is the key, underpinning point Marx makes? That you build a socialist society through overthrowing capitalism and democratically planning the economy. Both utterly, violently rejected by Hitler.

It doesn’t matter how much Hitler referred to his war economy in which he threw public money hand over fist at capitalists (who in turn chucked some spending money at the Nazi party) as ‘socialist’.

It wasn’t.

Hitler was no more qualified as a Marxist than a Pope who says all world religions honour God in their own way is qualified as a Mahayana Buddhist.

'But socialists at the time did not universally reject genocide!'

It’s true that in the context of capitalism routinely massacring colonial natives and slaughtering anyone who stood between it and a bit of fertile land or mineral wealth, there were some socialists who failed to think themselves out of the universal paradigm of some people being less deserving of life than others.

(To see this paradigm alive and well, have a look at how the UK Department of Work and Pensions handles ill people. Or debate a Libertarian.)

But it’s a bit of a stretch to therefore blame Sidney Webb for the death camps Hitler set up to stuff full of socialists, communists and trade unionists, and then, when the only people who organised to fight him were all dead, those he regarded as Untermenschen.

And by ‘a bit of a stretch’, I mean ‘clearly bollocks’.

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This gif better work

This gif better work

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broken set square + itself

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“You suffered a lot because nobody could hear your voice. Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much easier. All we did was hurt each other. We never used our voices. And now, I understand. What your voice was saying back then.  You and me can we be…friends?” 

someone tell me what this is!!

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People who are more repulsed by Pfc. Chelsea Manning’s gender identity than the verifiable war crimes which she exposed can actually and truly just fuck off and die. You people are the reason why the U.S. is a savage wasteland and are an embarrassment to the human species. You people are the ones who should be removed from society in order to safeguard the public’s well-being, not Manning.

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